Expert Analysis

The Water Resources Act 1991 makes provision for Regulators to take 'Tripartite Samples', that is a single 'bulk' sample that is split into three equal portions, each portion is 'sealed and marked'. This 'Tripartite' or 'Formal' sample is a key element in the litigation process relating to consented and accidental discharges to Controlled Waters and Public Sewer. While the Water Resources Act 1995 repeals this provision, in my experience, Regulators continue to take 'Tripartite Samples'.

It is important that you have the portion of any 'Formal Sample' provided to you analysed as soon as possible following receipt. The sample should be stored 'as received', in a cool dark place; ideally at between 2 - 4 C in a refridgerator.

With thirty years experience of managing and working in water industry and private laboratories analysing wastewaters and associated waste materials, I have considerable experience of analysing ‘Formal Samples’ on behalf of regulated and regulator organisations.

An in-house laboratory that will specialise in the analysis of ‘Formal Samples’ taken by water service companies and environmental regulators is under development.

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